We believe Africa’s future image will be shaped by the brands it produces, and their ability to move global audiences.

We invest expertise and capital to create ventures from visionary ideas, and work with exceptional founders to realise their narrative.

Building founders' visionary ideas
We identify individuals with the potential to be visionary, veteran and/or influential founders, and invest capital and expertise to turn their ideas into perception-changing ventures.
Shaping the story of exceptional founders
We work with the founders of existing companies and initiatives to unearth and craft their human story, which we then realise through every facet of their message, product, experience, and brand.

My Future <i>Africa</i>

Made in Africa Foundation

My Future Africa

Road to <i>Tokyo</i>


Road to Tokyo

Mission Work
We are an entrepreneurial team of engineers, designers, strategists and storytellers, building our vision of Africa’s future with founders and investors who believe.
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