We are a venture agency on a mission to show the potential of narratives to found ventures and scale brands.


We believe the most powerful movements throughout time have all been story-led. We believe history’s biggest brands will be like movements, using stories to build global audiences and move them to action.
We like the notion “lead with why”, but 99% of us are afraid of actually doing it.
On an individual level we’re told “to be ourselves” and “tell our story”, when we look to make friends and attract our tribe. But as startup founders we’re told to focus on total addressable markets and features, leaving the profound passion behind our decision by the wayside. We found companies to move people (to click, buy, refer, etc.). We believe this is done most sustainably and cost-effectively , by using your story and passion to find, excite and move your audience.


The number of global brands that come from a country in Africa.

We can show the power of narratives by building the first global brands from Africa.
If we can work to build the first global brands to come from a country in Africa, with like-minded founders, we believe the macroeconomic consequences could be immense. Furthermore, we believe doing so using our narrative-first approach, would illustrate our belief in the power of narratives to found ventures and scale brands.


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We are an entrepreneurial team of designers, engineers, storytellers and investors who believe in the power of narratives.

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