Speaking with the BBC about ‘Rebranding Africa’

81 of Africa’s favourite 100 brands are not African! Why? We spoke about the importance of narratives with the BBC when they asked why “African companies don’t have the same profile as Western brands”

Africa is developing economically, but its own companies don’t have the same profile as western brands. How come? Mary-Ann Kaikai of Madam Wokie Fashion, tells presenter Ed Butler about her dress designs in Freetown Sierra Leone. Her label made an impact on Hollywood red carpets, as well as in her home city. The Brand Leadership Group conducts survey each year of the continents’ favourite 100 brands. This year’s list came out last week, revealing once again that more than 80% of the names are Asian or western, such as Samsung, Levi’s, and Coke. Only 19 were African. Thebe Ikalafeng, founder of the company, tells us more. So, what do African entrepreneurs need to do? Where can they get the experience to make a local product into an international one? That’s where consultancies like Mustard (formerly De Charles) come in. Ndubuisi Kejeh is a founding partner of this London-based firm, which aims specifically to build up African brands and what he calls brand narratives for the continent. Rebranding Africa – BBC Business Daily Podcastnorth_east

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