Apple’s Vision Pro: how products can reveal a brand’s real philosophy

Apple's new AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, has received different media attention to Facebook's Metaverse. Additionally, industry predictions that the Vision Pro could lead to the widespread adoption of AR and VR, suggest that money, time, and intentionality alone are not enough to bring about a product’s appeal. Andrew and Ndubuisi explore this idea and discuss how a company's products can reveal more about their philosophy than its statements and messages.

At Apple’s most recent WWDC event the Vision Pro – their new augmented and virtual reality headset – was finally revealed, which many commentators believe will bring about mass consumer adoption in its space.

The Vision Pro is not the first AR or VR product. Most recently Facebook changed its name to Meta and began investing billions in an effort to define and conquer this industry, in October 2021. However, up until the Vision Pro’s mention, and despite Meta’s massive gamble, most were doubtful that VR would be popularised any time soon. But why?

When two companies that have all the money and best talent in the world at their disposal build a product in the same space, what causes the product of one to generate mass appeal and that of the other to not? The Vision Pro and other Apple efforts seem to show that extreme amounts of money, time and intentionality are not all that is needed?

In this episode Andrew and Ndubuisi think through this, and discuss how often a company’s products and manifested actions, can reveal more about their core philosophy than anything written in their marketing campaigns.

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