How is creativity being leveraged to connect sports and brands with cultural moments?

Crystal Palace F.C. recently appointed Kenny Annan-Jonathan as their creative director: a first for a British Premier League team and an trend emerging in sports. In this Reframed episode, we discuss the changing dynamics between sports, brands, culture, and global audiences with Kenny, and how creatives like himself are steering us through it. We also try to understand some of Nike's successful campaigns, PSG's streetwear status, and the popularity of Nike's 2018 Nigeria football jersey.

Crystal Palace F.C. recently became the first club in the British Premier League’s history to appoint an official creative director, in the form of Mailroom talent agency’s founder Kenny Annan-Jonathan. The move appears to be a relatively novel trend, with US sporting teams such as the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers having only secured people in similar roles within the past three years; but is it one that we can expect to last. Is Kenny likely to be the first and last creative director in British sports?

In this episode of Reframed we speak to Kenny Annan-Jonathan in his first long-form interview since his Crystal Palace appointment, about the changing dynamics between sports, brands, culture and global audiences. Why did Nike’s campaign with fictional football team A.F.C Richmond sell out? Why is Qatari-owned PSG’s football shirt seen by some streetwear more than sportswear? And, what happened in 2018 to cause Nike’s Nigeria football jersey to sell out across an array of demographics?

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