How we think narratives can play a key role in capital raising

Despite what some might argue, when it comes to raising capital, is there room for narratives? Most founders who have gone through the process have called it a gruelling game of numbers; but are there realistic ways to greatly improve the odds and prospects’ conversion rates? Also should we be shifting part of our focus from cash raised to prospects’ resonance? Andrew and Ndubuisi discuss and reframe these ideas in this episode.

Despite what some might eloquently pronounce in a TED talk, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of raising capital, is there any place for something as ‘airy-fairy’ as narratives?

Speak to enough founders who have been involved in the exercise, and you will likely find that most refer to capital raising as one of the most gruelling things they have done. Additionally, most will advise that the process is chiefly a numbers game. That being said are there ways that a founder can swing the numbers greatly in their favour? Could it be practical for us to expect prospect conversion rates of higher than 50%? And do we need to reframe the exercise from a game of raising to one of resonance? Andrew and Ndubuisi speak through it all in this episode and try to reframe our thinking.

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