What are ‘authentic’ brands, and how are Africans relating with them?

Is the idea of a modern "authentic" brand cliche? Does it imply that older brands are not so? Do we believe people ever start companies with the intention of being inauthentic? Ndubuisi and brand influencer Mr. Funsho explore these questions, and discuss how Nigerians and Africans view and interact with such brands: new and old.

The term ‘authentic brand’ has become a cliche over the last two decade or so, to the point that some imply that most brands that were built beforehand were and are lacking in it. But does anyone every really start a company with the aim of being inauthentic? Can the story of a venture ever feel genuine, unless it is based on a real person? And with that in mind, is there any difference in approach between a personal brand and a venture brand?

Ndubuisi and recurring guest – brand influencer Mr. Funsho – discuss these questions, while touching on the relationship Nigerians and Africans have with these modern authentic brands, and some from yesteryear.

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