Film Africa OnDemand

Film Africa + Okiki

We built a collaboration in summer 2017 to produce Film Africa OnDemand, which was positioned as the first digital platform to bring the continent’s most awarded contemporary cinema to global audiences.

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Film Africa is a London-based annual week-long festival, which between 2011 and 2017 had showcased 388 films of African origin/influence, 132 filmmakers and talent, and welcomed live audiences of over 22,000 in select London cinemas. Film Africa was aware that most of the festival's films were inaccessible to audiences after the event, which did not suit consumers or filmmakers.


Noticing the event's broadening mix of attendees, with only 40% being of African origin in 2015, and the lack of access European audiences had to the continent’s films, we orchestrated a synergy between Film Africa and Okiki to bring the former’s past festival films to global audiences through a video-on-demand platform.

What We Did

We built Film Africa OnDemand alongside our clients Okiki and Film Africa, to present a summer programme of the most popular films screened throughout the festival’s history. We worked to build a message and obtain a lineup that included a European film award winner, a Tribeca Film Festival Jury award winner, and the first pidgin musical.

“Even in the home entertainment market, African cinema still gets such short shrift from UK distributors that the announcement of an on-demand service from London’s Film Africa initiative is genuine cause for celebration” / The Guardian

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