Redefining wealth

JH Flemmings

JH Flemmings is a wealth management firm whose clients are an exclusive network of professionals, artisans and entrepreneurs, all of whom agree to a new definition of wealth, as the measure of a person’s capacity to impact the lives of others in their immediate vicinity and further afield.

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JH Flemmings’s founders sought to build a practice whose story could embody their strong impact philosophy, and technology-led approach could give them the freedom to remain emotionally invested in clients’ lives and initiatives.


In the process of validating JHF's way of thinking, we acknowledged the shifts towards impact investing that were gathering pace, as generations of millennials began inheriting wealth from their parents. Our conversations with people within JHF's target industries of sport, technology and entertainment, exposed a more contemporary demand for impact thinking in the wealth management space, and the dearth of firms who were practicing what they were preaching in this area.

What We Did

We worked to create for JH Flemmings a company message centred on a redefined meaning of wealth, which we changed to mean ‘the measure of a person’s ability to impact the lives of others’. During a year-long engagement, we also worked closely with the team and their clients to iterate both internal and client-facing digital applications. These tools enabled JHF to adopt a digital-first approach, which unlocked their team's ability to be truly client focused and provided clients with a transparency in a notoriously opaque industry.

The Golden Number™ concept and product produced for JH Flemmings, was well received by clients and positively recognised as distinct by experienced industry insiders.

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