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Setting out to redesign the toothbrush, Quip brought attention-grabbing aesthetics and modular design into the age-old dental industry. We worked with the founders to engineer the clever internal hardware and software for what has gone on to become a game-changing product.

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Quip’s founders believed the everyday toothbrush had been overlooked. They wondered whether it could be revamped and turned into a lifestyle product, through a redesign of its aesthetics, functionality and branding.


We saw that consumers were consistently faced with the same array of colours and standard features when shopping for a new brush, regardless of their price point. The assumption behind Quip was that the industry status quo had led to a degree of consumer apathy, which fresh design, modern engineering and relevant messaging could shake.

What We Did

We worked with Quip's founders from the conception stage, and added our hardware engineering expertise to their strong background in industrial design. Focusing on its internal electronics, sensors and design, we worked with the founders to prototype and deliver version one of the Quip toothbrush.

"A simple, affordable, battery-­powered toothbrush that works like its counterparts from Oral-B and ­Sonicare...but looks and feels like something you’d find in an Apple store." / Time Magazine

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